Christmas Hiking and New Year’s

01 Jan

I thought I was going to be yearning for Christmas and New Year’s back in the States but they were both pretty sweet over here. When I asked around how Christmas and New Year’s are celebrated here, most people said no one really celebrates it and that made me a little bit sad. But I guess you just got to find the right crowd, which is always the case anywhere.

Christmas Eve, I went to a friend’s house (from Germany) and I got introduced to what a Taiwanese Dog is. They have pointy ears, a curled tail and eat just about anything. In the States, pet owners are warned not to give their dogs chicken bones so they don’t choke on the small pieces but here it doesn’t matter. If we accidentally dropped food (or didn’t like the food) the dogs would eat it up. I actually have a German Shepard at home that does the same, but these dogs eat veggies too! It’s actually cool because this way you don’t waste food.

On Christmas Day I went to Miaoli and went hiking. It counts to be my first time hiking which was pretty cool. The scenery was amazing. We hiked into a clearing where farmers were growing oranges so we bought a couple and they were super sweet and juicy. I also got to see where papayas come from…I didn’t know they grew on trees. At the end of the hike, we came across a temple with a huge incense burner and so I left a prayer for my friends and family. The way the incense burner is designed, you either pray inwards to the temple or outwards to the sky. The one there was towards the sky and it was pretty cool especially since that day the sky was a clear baby blue.

Last night was New Year’s and I was taken to a place called Tiger City which is like a mall and happens to have a Cold Stone Creamery and a Chili’s as well as movie theaters and of course other eateries. There was a stage set up for a performance and we counted down to the New Year. There were so many people squeezed into that square at a couple of points I felt like a part of a very densely packed solid. Someone planned a proposal at the performance, and we watched her say yes. At midnight, we were treated to a fireworks show and yes…we were right under the fireworks. Wicked cool.

So Christmas and New Year’s were quite fun here. Makes me excited for Lunar New Year. The Year of the Dragon.

Happy New Year everyone!

New Year's at Tiger City


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