14 Jan

Wow, I have not posted in awhile.

Last week I was in Taipei finishing up the rest of my internship. It was really cold there. Cold and wet. You need to carry and umbrella with you at all times to survive there. I was able to go to the National Palace Museum up there, Taipei 101, and a place called Dan Shui. It was pretty sweet. Aside from the cold…and the rain. I was just unprepared for that kind of weather.

But in other news…today is election day in Taiwan! I’ve never actually been to an election in the States so I can’t really compare but I was able to see how they did things here. 4-5 days before elections, you’re given a slip that says you can vote as well as each candidate’s platforms and etc. Day of, you go to a registered school and show your ID with the slip and proceed inside. For record keeping, you need to bring your signature-stamp before you get the ballots. There are three slips, one of them for the Pres/Vice Pres, one for I guess a congressman, and the other for which party you support. I’m not actually too clear on how the process, nor am I very clear on each candidate’s platforms. However, I do keep on hearing that the largest issue right now is the issue of whether Taiwan is Taiwan, or is Taiwan part of China, or is Taiwanese equivalent to Chinese. That’s basically what the buzz is about.

In the States, the debate for presidency goes from Education, to Health Care, Unemployment, Ethics, Outsourcing, to LGBTQ issues and a whole range of things. The election period is far more heated in the States, I think. But for awhile now, in Taiwan there have been little trucks blaring down the streets about the candidates. Last night, there was a whole procession in the streets cheering for a particular candidate.

The polls close at 4/5ish and I guess we’ll see where Taiwan will be headed then.

Other than that…next next is Lunar New Year….Year of the DRAGON. I hope the celebrations live up to my expectations. I’m really excited.


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